A little about my lacrosse achievements:


  • Assistant Coach Stony Brook University


  • Stony Brook University
  • NCAA D1 record holder:
    • Career Points
    • Career Assists
    • Season Points
    • Season Assists
  • 2 X Tewaarton Finalist
  • 4X All American

A little about me: 

I grew up in Long Island, NY.

I have one younger sister, Taryn - who is a senior captain on the Stony Brook Women's Lacrosse team now (#21).

I love dogs - I have one at home with my parents (Ollie, black lab) and one at my new home with my roommates (Remy, hound mix pup). 

I love the beach.

I love keeping my body healthy and in shape with different kinds of workouts (some of which I'll share with you in future weeks). 

I love writing! 



Dreaming is never enough.  But it is always a start.


One of the most important things I do to help keep me grounded, motivated and reaching for new dreams is GOAL-SETTING.  I'm sharing this in hopes of inspiring you all to write down your goals and dreams so that you have a way to keep track of them and how you can achieve them.


I've always liked writing in a journal. Though I wouldn't consider it a 'diary', I still write in a journal every day -- no matter how busy I am, or where I am or even what time of day it is.  It's a simple thing that helps me stay on top of my goals!


So in the first installment of our KYLIE'S KORNER weekly feature, I'm encouraging you all to find an empty notebook or journal and write down some goals.  Don't know where to start?  That's what I'm here for!


  1. Write down your main goal for this upcoming SEASON.  Something that at the end of the very last game, you can look back and say, "I did that" or, "I can do better at making that happen next time around."  Everyone's goal is going to be different and unique, and that is more than okay!
  2. Now, write down your goal for this upcoming week.  Something that will help you achieve the major goal you wrote down in Step #1.  Can be anything like one extra day of wall ball, or going for a run, or reaching out to a teammate to catch up and say hi!
  3. Lastly, write down your goal for today.  It can be anything related to lacrosse or not, "compliment one person in the hallway at school today" or "be a vocal leader in practice today." Anything.


By starting to write down goals DAILY, you can go back the next day and check off whether or not you achieved that daily goal. If you can put a check next to those goals on a consistent basis, then you are definitely on the right track to making those long-term dreams you wrote down a reality!


This is a little something that I live by, an inside look on how Kylie Ohlmiller – a professional women’s lacrosse player – has balanced her mindset and chased after goals for years of her lacrosse career. I hope this is something that can help a few of you feel the same way! (Plus, there aren’t many things better than a brand new, empty, cool-looking journal – am I right?!)


Throughout the course of the season, I'll be providing little tips and tricks like this one that are important to me, along with drills, exercises, techniques, or advice on how to mentally prepare for gameday and how to recover from it.  Thoughts on how to win gracefully and how to be resilient in a loss.  Basically I want to try and help you all work at being the best athletes, teammates and lacrosse players you can be.


Some of the stuff you may relate to and some you may not.  And that’s okay! Different things work for different people.  And since asking questions is an important part of learning, if you have any questions regarding each week’s content,  you are more than welcome to reach out and email me.  I'll do my best to respond and either post the answers in the next installment of KYLIE'S CORNER or include them in a video episode or just shoot you back an email with an answer.  The email form is at the bottom of the page.


Excited to be on this virtual journey with you all from all the way on the East Coast! Thanks for having me as a small part of PELA for a couple weeks ☺


Keep dreaming big & working hard!


Kylie Ohlmiller


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