So things have changed, temporarily.  But change of any kind is an oportunity for growth and strength.

With so much time being spent on our own these days, away from friends and teammates and school and practice, we can easily turn this into an opportunity to refocus our efforts on self-care and being our best selves, as athletes and lacrosse players. 

Throughout the next few weeks of KYLIE'S KORNER, I'll be bringing you bits of advice and activities/drills that you can practice, master and have fun with at home to stay active and strong and  engaged during this time.

Let's start this week with an AT-HOME WORKOUT CHALLENGE!  Below is a workout I've written that requires no equipment whatsoever and can be done in your living room, your bedrom, your driveway, your backyard -- wherever.  All you need is a little bit of space and your favorite playlist  to get your sweat on and stay in shape!  


  1. One mile run (outdoor; treadmill; or 10 minutes running in place)
  2. Circuit of 4 rounds - each exercise is 30 seconds on/30 seconds rest.
  • Hand-walk push ups
  • Alternating forward lunges
  • Bicycle crunch
  • Burpee
  • Pushup

*BONUS STYLE POINTS for dance session in between rounds!

And in case you're wondering,  I'm also using this opportinity to focus on staying active and strong, as you can see from the video below of me and my sister Taryn doing this challenge on the driveway of our home. 


If you DM @ko17lacrosse on Instagram OR email a video to ko17lacrosse@gmail.com, of you doing this KYLIE'S KORNER at-home workout with your name and your PELA team, you'll get the chance to be featured on my KO17 Lacrosse Instagram story! Include your Instagram @ name or the Instagram @ name of your PELA program, and I will be sure to shout you out!

Let's stay connected to the game, to each other and to ourselves during this strange time and let's stay healthy, active and motivated to always be the best we can be!

Keep dreaming big & working hard!


Kylie Ohlmiller 


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